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Naples Park Area Association (NPAA) provides social and recreational activities
for its members and guests, educational projects for the community,
and a working organization to further civic improvement.

Yoga with Megan HealeyTuesdays at 9:30AM$10/session for members; $15/session for non-members
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654 104th Ave N

NPAA Monthly Association Meetings


The NPAA holds its monthly meetings at 7 PM November thru April. These meetings are open to everyone. This is a great opportunity to learn about what is going on in Naples Park and meet your neighbors.


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NPAA is a not-for-profit and fully volunteer-run organization.
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Announcements and Upcoming Events


◄ May 11th at 5:30PM – 8PM: Pelican Bay Community Park Pickleball & Tennis Focus Group Round 3 will be held May 11, 2023, at Inn at Pelican Bay located at 800 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 


◄ Bone Builders Exercise Program

The Bone Builders Program relies upon weight training and balance exercises to protect against fractures caused by osteoporosis by increasing muscular strength, balance and bone density.

NPAA has partnered with Collier County RSVP/Americorps Senior Program to bring this to NPAA members and neighbors. Scroll down to read more.


◄ New Activity: Megan Healey will teach Yoga on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am.  $10 for members/session; $15 for non-members/session.  Join us!


◄ The NPAA clubhouse is open for rentals.

Contact Bob Chapman, the Board of Directors member who serves as our rental agent if interested.  (239-293-9483)

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Pelican Bay Community Park
Pelican Bay Foundation (PBF) management was present at the NPAA meeting Thursday April 20, 2023 and answered questions posed by the audience regarding their proposal for Pelican Bay Community Park .  
  •  Mr Jim Hoppensteadt, President and COO of Pelican Bay Foundation 
  •  Mr Mike Rufflol, Chair of the Board of Pelican Bay Foundation

Other members of PBF management were also present.

The Pelican Bay Foundation (PBF)  Proposal as discussed at the NPAA meeting in summary:
  • PBF requests a land-lease for the area of Pelican Bay Community Park that will contain a new Tennis/Pickleball Complex
  • The complex will have:
    • 20 pickleball courts: access to 50% of courts will be reserved for Pelican Bay Foundation members only 
    • 6 renovated tennis courts:  access to 50% of the courts will be reserved for Pelican Bay Foundation members only 
    • Restroom facility with public access
    • Proshop/administrative facility with public access
    • Pavillion/gathering area with public access
  • 2 of the existing 8  tennis courts will be paved over for parking
  • The complex will be maintained by PBF who will have management authority over the complex
  • PBF will provide 100% of the costs to renovate and build the Tennis/Pickleball complex (~$4M) and 100% of the maintenance costs for the complex (~$200,000 per year)
  • PBF wishes to have this complex functional for the 2024 season (approximately Jan 2024). 
  • 78% of the existing open/green space will be retained; 22% will be built out at the pickleball complex 
  • Collier County will retain ownership of the land
  • Collier County will remain responsible for maintenance and management of the rest of the park
The proposal was approved to progress through the county approval process by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Panel  The panel members were NOT informed that the public would only have access to 50% of the renovated tennis courts
NPAA agreed to the following statement from the Association:
  • .NPAA appreciates the county’s desire to provide more pickleball courts to the public and understands the financial constraints facing them
  • NPAA understands PBF’s desire to have pickleball courts for their members and their logistical challenges
  • NPAA strongly requests extensive communication regarding the promised Neighborhood Meeting and any other chance for the public to communicate with the county regarding their opinions.  Communication to date has been totally inadequate including the agenda for the PRAB agenda 4/19/23 which remains unpublished
  • NPAA is concerned about the Land-Lease deal especially:
    • The reservation of courts on public land for private use
    •  How/who will provide effective oversight of PBF to manage the Tennis/Pickleball complex to serve the public as well as their membership
  • NPAA is finds totally unacceptable the loss of tennis courts to the public from 8 to 3
  • NPAA recommends slowing the process to ensure public input is fully obtained to inform the deal details which may or may not alter them
  • NPAA recommends against approving the PBF proposal until the specifics of the complex design, operations design, and deal details are well communicated to the public and found acceptable to us. 
Pelican Bay will hold focus groups to gather recommendations regarding how the Tennis/Pickleball complex should be managed.
Members from NPAA have provided information directly to Pelican Bay management on these questions.  
What can you do:
1)  Provide written comments to Collier County staff and officials—addresses below
2)  Attend the Neighborhood Information Meeting called by the county:  Web May 10 6pm North Collier Regional Park Exhibit Hall 15000 Livingston Rd Naples.  or Zoom at the link in the banner.  
3)  Attend a focus session—email will be sent regarding when and where once NPAA obtains this information 
To provide written comments to   Collier County staff or official:

Director, Collier County Parks and Recreation:  Olema Edwards [email protected]

County Manager, Amy Patterson:  [email protected]

Assistant County Manager, Dan Rodriquez:  [email protected]

District #2 Commissioner, Chris Hall:  [email protected]

District #1 Commissioner and BCC Chair, Rick LoCastro:   [email protected]

District #3 Commissioner, Burt Sanders:  [email protected]

District #4 Commissioner, Dan Kowal:  [email protected]

District #5 Commissioner, Bill McDaniel:  [email protected]

Bone Builder Exercise Program at the NPAA Clubhouse

Naples Park Area Association is please to announce a new partnership between NPPA and the AmeriCorps Seniors Collier County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to offer Bone Builders at the NPAA Clubhouse.


What is RSVP: The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program or RSVP is national volunteer program that is a federally funded by AmeriCorps Seniors. AmeriCorps Seniors is open to individuals 55 and older who want to volunteer. Locally, the RSVP program is administered by Collier County Government and since the start of the program over 2,600 volunteers have contributed 1.6 million hours of service, and approximate value of $45.6 million. One of the programs offered by RSVP is Bone Builders.


What is Bone Builders: Bone Builders was developed from research from Tufts University. This program uses low impact, low weight exercises to increase bone density and when done correctly and consistently can reverse the effects of osteoporosis. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation an estimated 10 million Americans over 50 have osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density placing them at increased risk of breaking a bone and developing osteoporosis. RSVP recruits and trains volunteer instructors to lead Bone Builders classes at several different community sites throughout the area.


Who can participate: Almost anyone! It’s not too soon for any adult to work to prevent osteoporosis and improve their balance. AmeriCorps Seniors/RSVP requires four documents to be completed before you participate including Medical Clearance from your doctor and a Medical Survey in addition to the usual waivers. All of these forms are held in confidence by AmeriCorps Senior/RSVP. NPAA will have you sign a waiver when you come to the clubhouse.


Cost to participate: There is no fee for the Bone Builders program. As with all NPAA activities at the NPAA clubhouse, a small activity fee is collected to help defray the costs of maintaining the NPAA facility: $1 /session for NPAA members and $5/session for non-NPAA members.


When and Where: This program will be offered at the NPAA Clubhouse 654 104th Ave N on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:30-10:30am starting May 23, 2022


Do I need to sign up: No! Having your forms completed and with you will allow you to start the first time you arrive. The required forms will also be available at the NPAA Clubhouse.


Feel free to share this information with your family and friends. We hope to see you building bones with Bone Builders at NPAA soon!


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