FPL Electric Grid Update for Naples Park 2020

Each street has been given a Section number and a dedicated point of contact.

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Naples Park Water and Sewer Main Project:  Check on Daily/Weekly Updates Here

Naples Park Construction Schedule:

2021 – 108th and 109th
2022 – 105th and 106th
2023 – 103rd and 104th
2024 – 101st and 102nd
2025 – 99th and 100th
2026 – 97th and 98th
2027 – 93rd and 94th *swale update
2028 – 91st and 92nd *swale update

Collier County has an informative website describing the project and providing project progress at www.CollierPUR.com.

For additional information contact the PUD at NaplesParkPUR or by phone at 239-839-6247.

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