Dear Commissioner_________:

I am writing you today to express my opposition to the Stock Development One Naples project as it is currently proposed. 

I was encouraged by the action of the Planning Commission and their decision by no vote to deny approval of the application for a land use amendment change as well as the current Stock Development use plan. Planning Commissioner Frye said it best when he asked the other Commissioners how they could ignore the outpouring of facts and concerns from the Project immediate and surrounding communities.  They did their job, they listened and acted to support the community’s interests.

Now I look to you to also listen to the voice of a citizen of Collier County. You are my “proxy” representative in the current approval process– I cannot vote.
I ask when this project comes before you on March 1, 2021, vote to deny the Land use amendment*(PL20190000696) which will result in denial of the Zoning (PL20190000697) variance as it is currently proposed. I understand this will retain the C3 zoning for the land and I am not opposed to projects that fit within that current zone.

If you feel that Stock’s Land Amendment request is valid and that individual Developers should dictate the county land use, please approve the PUZ project only with the conditions that your own Planning Staff proposed.  The Planning staff recommendations are the least offensive of those proposed by the developer and may result in a project that is more compatible with the neighborhood. 

I do feel strongly that allowing developers to write their own amendments to the county and state land code sets a president that does not support responsible development in Collier County.

In hopes of a more reasonable development approach, I am respectfully,

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